Iurie Bazeliuc

Dr.Iurie Bazeliuc


If we were to compare the job of an anesthesiologist, we could probably compare it with that of a firefighter or the work of a military man, because it is just as important and offers maximum safety, removing any fear of the patient. This is also the case of Mr. doctor anesthesiologist at the clinic Punto Bianco, Iurie Bazeliuc. In addition to our clinic, Mr. Iurie also works at the Institute of Emergency Medicine in Chisinau within IMSP.

Professionally speaking, the work of an anesthesiologist is a complex one but it offers safe and immediate results, not to mention the fact that behind him, Mr. Iurie leads a 33 years of experience, which made him one of the strongest pillars in the operating room.

Today, more and more doctors around the world are recognizing the benefits dental treatment under general anesthesia as one of the most effective treatment techniques. likewise, here we can mention the fact that the interventions under general anesthesia have become a normality, whether they resort to it because of the complex treatments the patient has, whether to proceed with the insertion of zygomatic implants, conventional implants, or even the banal fear of the dentist. In addition to the speed of execution dental treatments under general anesthesia, they bring patients an important number of benefits, among which we can specify: complete and absolutely safe elimination of pain during dental treatment, very low risk of postoperative pain, very low risk of postoperative edema (swelling), etc.

What procedures can Dr. Iurie Bazeliuc help you with?

  • Performing a physical evaluation examining each patient’s history;
  • Preparation of the intervention patient regarding the anesthetic preparations used: desired effect, common side effects and potential side effects;
  • Maintenance and management of patients’ airways using controlled / mechanical ventilation and pharmacological support;
  • Administration of anesthetic which can be of several types: local, intravenous, sedation / inhalation-sedation;
  • Surveillance of patients during the procedure, which includes monitoring of oxygen saturation, cardiovascular condition (including fluid balance), monitoring of body temperature, neuromuscular condition of the patient or his positioning;
  • Recovery and monitoring of patients under anesthesia, etc.

It doesn’t sound like an easy job, and rightly so, but it’s full of satisfaction and significance, because the anesthesiologist is responsible for the optimal and successful care of patients, always offering a safe and painless treatment. We are glad to have Mr. in our team. Iurie Bazeliuc, it provides us with advice, consultations in order to achieve even safer dental treatments.


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