The responsible for free time spent during the dental treatment in Moldova

Anastasia Macagon

Personal assistant (Spanish, English, Russian, Romanian)

If you hear a laugh from the heart that resonates throughout the clinic, know that it’s Anastasia. Lively and communicable, she makes sure that her patients get bored as little as possible. In our clinic, Anastasia has an essential role, she is the one who takes care of the Spanish or English patients who came to the Republic of Moldova for dental treatments, to feel at home. In addition, Anastasia ensures a good understanding between the doctor and the patient, providing a transparent and correct translation of all the details discussed during the doctor’s visits.

With a big smile and a big heart, Anastasia will be with you. during the entire period of his stay in Moldova, at the Clinic Punto Bianco. Being a professional by nature, once you arrive at our clinic, Anastasia will prepare a transparent and correct treatment planning, will assist you and will support you throughout your visits. in the dentist’s office, and more.



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