safe dental implant placement in Chisinau using surgical guide (digitally planned)

Computer guided dental implant surgery в Кишиневе

Don’t like the surprises? Neither do we.In our clinic you will be informed beforehand about all the prices regarding your dental implant treatment, after the primary consultation with our dentists. The surgical guide will safe us from surprises during implant placement and after, when you’ll come for your final crowns, ’cause the implants are meticulously computer-planned in special software …

Цена в нашей клинике:

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The advantages of computer guided implant surgery in Moldova:

  • ? insertion with millimeter precision;
  • duration of the intervention ⏳ less than 30 min (1 system);
  • without cutting the gum;
  • without blood;
  • without pain;
  • with the possibility of having fixed teeth on the same day;
  • savings ? up to 80%.

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