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Travel to dentist with Air Moldova

If you plan to travel to our dentist in Moldova, now is the right time to buy tickets at shockingly low prices. In October, the Air Moldova company returns with the best prices for plane tickets. Ticket prices start from 19 euro, one-way, with all taxes included. Only in the period from October 1 to…


6 reasons to say «Yes» to dental tourism

Il turismo dentale significa viaggiare all’estero in ricerca di cure dentistiche ai prezzi accessibili: di chirurgia orale (impianti dentali o rialzo del seno mascellare), protesi dentarie o qualsiasi procedure odontoiatriche che sono generalmente più costose nelle cliniche locale del paziente. Potrebbe sembrare strano, ma le persone non ricorrono sempre al turismo dentale solo per motivi economici. Avanti esaminiamo 6 motivi diversi.…


Dental tourism is one of the fastest growing branches of tourism worldwide

The most popular dental tourism destinations


  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Slovenia


  • India
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Philipines

Dental tourism statistics

50% lskjfklsfj

more than 85% of satisfaction among dental tourist

60% chose dental tourism for dental implants and aesthetic dentistry (veneers, porcelain crowns)

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