Ioana O.

Romania, Craiova

January 1, 2020

Original review

Ioana's impressions at the end of the first stage of dental treatment in Moldova

Source: Facebook

Entourage extra-professional, Excellent work of the dentist, High level of organization, Qualified staff

Hi, I’m Ioana, a 44-year-old woman. Today marks 6 months since these people changed my life. After years of removable dentures with a severe bone atrophy, desperation and pain in my soul, I decided to visit this CLINIC. Now I can smile and I have the courage to look people in the eyes without shyness and shame when I speak to them. I was greeted by professional, qualified, dedicated people in everything they do. It was a difficult decision, I made a delicate intervention, zygomatic implants. It wasn’t easy to make such an important decision. Thank you, beautiful people, you gave me courage, you gave me hope. I know there’s still a long way to go, but I’m not afraid. I am already a certain age and I no longer believe in stories like the Tooth Fairy brings you new teeth, but I trust you. HAPPY NEW YEAR, MAY THE NEW YEAR BRING YOU A LOT OF HEALTH AND WORK POWER BECAUSE THROUGH YOUR PROFESSIONALISM YOU GIVE SMILES AND SOMETIMES YOU MAY NOT REALIZE IT. IT’S TRUE, YOU DON’T DO GOD’S MIRACLES BUT GIVE HOPE AND MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY…. SOON I HUG YOU … DEARLY

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