Alfonso C.

Belgium, Grâce-Hollogne

March 17, 2020

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Exceptional professionalism, Impeccable welcome

Hello everyone,

I am coming back from Moldova urgently because of the coronavirus, I had to shorten my stay by 6 days, but thanks to the responsiveness of the clinic team I was able to return to Belgium. If I had been blocked, the director of the clinic made me a super nice and commercial offer before I even had to speak, otherwise blocked 1 month, so the price of my stay would have exploded, already for everything that a BIG thank you. Now talking about the care and hospitality, coordination and hospitality. Nothing to say, here the very small problems that I encountered are due to the fact that my general health is complicated due to the medical and other interventions that I have had. Arriving at the clinic, I was taken into super friendly and professional hands, after which I would have liked to do general anesthesia due to the fact that I have a phobia of dentists. After several examinations in various hospitals, I was refused for general anesthesia, they did not want to take the risk. Despite a signed certificate saying I could do it. Conclusion, we must give them their due in order not to treat patients’ cases lightly. As for the medical team, they are really great people both in terms of hospitality and care. In short, I would give you news soon, but already in advance if you need to get treatment sincerely have no fear and trust, I have never seen so much professionalism and listening in Belgium like in Punto Bianco clinic. Well done, Mr. MIHAIL for having surrounded you with a great team, and I assure you I am not an easy customer. And finally, a word to Mr. Nicholas, who is just as wonderful, who listens and advises you professionally without trying to charge you the maximum fee, on the contrary, thank you Mr. Nicholas, especially for not changing anything!

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