Vittorio L.

Italy, Sardinia

September 26, 2019

Original review

La recensione di Vittorio sulle cure dentistiche in Moldavia

Source: Facebook

High quality of services, Highly trained medical staff, Professional environment

I’m fully satisfied with the work done so far, see you at the end of the year or in January for the realization of the final teeth. Thanks again for your professionalism and kindness, a hug to Inna, Elisa and Mihaela who worked to solve any inconvenience before it arose. I recommend Punto Bianco to everyone who needs dental care, my experience has certainly been positive and I have a reason to be satisfied at the moment with the work done. Bye!

The patient left another review in our clinic (see translated review and screenshot below):

The siren song had brought me to Chisinau where, in spite of myself, I ran into a different reality. Fortunately, the classic word of mouth introduced me Punto Bianco, a first-rate clinic where I found a friendly environment that made me feel immediately at ease. After the ritual visit I received a dental estimate with an explanation of the interventions to be made. I appreciate the estimate, but above all I liked their modus operandi which consists in saving natural teeth, unlike other clinics that prefer to extract all their teeth, even healthy ones, to facilitate the insertion of dental implants on both jaws. Now I am waiting for a few more months for the integration of the eight implants that were inserted and then I’ll make another trip to Chisinau for the application of the healing abutment and the final teeth.
As regards the first visit, I would say that everything went well, no swelling or suffering, which leads me to be optimistic also for the second part of the work. For now I would like to thank the doctors and assistants from the clinic who have been flawless towards me, I recommend anyone who needs to contact Punto Bianco for solving their problem at truly competitive prices, without this affecting the quality of the materials and the professionalism of all operators.

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