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Donata D.

Italy, Girasole, Sardinia

September 15, 2019

Original review

The whole experience of Donata after having had dental care in Moldova

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Complete predictability of the result, Good work practices, High quality of services, Highest quality technologies

I will be a little long but I want to make a complete and precise review of my experience in this clinic where I have made six implants, two sinus lifting, six extractions and other various treatments.
1 – Choice of the clinic: I sent the X-ray with a request for a quote simultaneously, in Italy, Croatia, Romania and Moldova. The quickest, most detailed answer, accompanied by clear explanations with a graphically legible and precise estimate in all details and with a clearly lower cost compared to all others (with the same performance) was that of Inna, a delightful manager of the Punto Bianco! 2/3000 EURO LESS are not few, but I also chose for the strong professionalism and humanity perceived !!!
2 – Hospitality: It started by phone with Inna who punctually and kindly always answered with supersonic speed to all my doubts or uncertainties, both medically and logistically. Arrived at the airport (late at night) the friendly Vitalie, driver and tour guide welcomed us and accompanied us to a delightful studio apartment equipped with ALL the necessary (there is even the iron and ironing board!!!) located 10 min. from the clinic, with bank, pharmacy, market, restaurants, hairdresser etc.,under the house! The next day they let us visit the whole clinic, from the director’s office to the laboratories, the operating rooms, etc. presented to all employees, none excluded, with a perfect Italian by the beautiful assistant, Elisa! For personal reasons we did not take advantage of the guided tours included in the stay and included in the price. The other guests confirmed beautiful experiences. We hope to lie this experience in six months when we return.
3 – Medical consultation and intervention: on the first day, thanks to Dr. Nelu, we made a tartar removal and deep cleaning, then together with the specialists and my husband, we analyzed the CT scan, studied the case, observed the materials they would use and with the dental estimate in hand, confirmed what I had been explained in detail by phone and by mail! I had brought the CT scan from Italy, so they even deducted it from the cost of my treatment! Tell me, who would do it in Italy?
In the following days I underwent the surgery for two hours with Dr. Eugen who with so much patience and sympathy extracted and grafted what was expected. (Elisa, translated / explained everything before, during and after the surgery). Despite two important interventions, I have not felt any pain, the anesthesia worked and even the following days I had no pain, only a slight swelling and a small hematoma. The only annoyance, the suture threads, but perhaps because in my case there were many. In the meantime, Dr. Igor and his assistants, prepared the temporary prostheses with hygienically perfect materials in their innovative laboratory.
4 – Organization: agreement, estimate, invoices, sim card, etc. are explained very well and we are given as well a copy of the documents signed by the patient and the director of the clinic named Mihail. Each operation is recorded and countersigned by the patient and doctor. The delightful radiologist Larisa will make you a control radiography. The appointments are made in advance so that you can organize your free time or participate in the excursions that the sweet Anastasia organize for the entire week.
5 – Results: I met a wonderful team of young workers who do not spare themselves, always smiling and kind, caring even outside the clinic! An unexpected but very welcome reality !!! You made me feel at home and the positive feeling I had initially felt has overcome the reality. Today, 10 days after the surgery, I removed the stitches and I can say that everything is going well. In six months I will be happy to see my new smile! GO ON WITH YOUR WORK YOU ARE WONDERFUL !!! THANK YOU ALL!

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