Dental tourism in Moldova

Premium dental care in Chisinau at fair prices

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prezzo implantologia dentale in chisinau. All on 4 = 4 impainti + 10 denti in metalloceramica 2710 euro

Fixed teeth on 4 implants

ponte di 12 corone crone su 6 impianti dentali. prezzo in Moldavia 3275 euro

Implant supported bridge

full mouth implants price in dental clinic Moldova

Full mouth dental implants

full arch graftless rehabilitation, zygomatic implants. price in moldova 4180€

Zygomatic dental implants

hollywood smile (10 Veneers) Price in dental clinic Chisinau 2500€

Porcelain Veneers (Emax)

General Anesthesia (sleep dentistry) in Moldova price 150€/ h

Sleep dentistry in Chisinau

Best Dental tourism destination

Why Moldova?

Many people have already felt the benefits of dental treatment abroad. There are lots of dental tourism destinations worldwide that provide affordable high quality dental care, but Moldova is quickly becoming a popular choice for traveling in this purpose.

Here’s why thousands of people choose to fix their teeth in Moldova:

The most affordable dental tourism destination

In Moldova everything is less expensive. Not only the prices for dental services are the lowest in all Europe. You will spend less for food, transportation, accommodation and entertainment as well.

Low cost flights

There are numerous low cost flights to Moldova from many European cities. This means you can save money both on dental treatment and on travel costs.


We are far away, but we are close. In just 2-3 hours of flight you can get to Moldova practically from any European country.

Visa-Free Regime

You do not need visa to visit Moldova if you are a dental tourist from one of the following countries:

  • the member states of the European Union – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Croatia
  • USA, Canada, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Swiss Confederation;
  • CIS member states: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Enjoyable Leisure Activities

Moldova is good for both Relax and Active pastime.

Green parks and forests, museums and theaters, Beauty salons and SPA, night clubs and 24 hour bars, the biggest wine cellars in the world, monasteries and churches, gyms, pools… These are just some of the many ways to spend your free time between the visits to the dentist.

Hospitable and friendly people

You will feel comfortable in our country as Moldavian people are very welcoming and friendly.

It's time to choose the clinic

Why TravelToDentist?

You’ve already found the most affordable country for your dental care – it’s Moldova. Now you’ll have to decide where exactly, in which clinic to fix your smile. Will it be the cheapest or the best one? You decide.

The greatest experience in Dental Tourism

We will not be experimenting on you as we have the biggest experience in Moldova in the organization of Dental Tourism. It allows us to guarantee our patients total satisfaction and an unique experience, without stress.
in Moldova
TravelToDentist is the first company to organize dental tourism in Moldova. We thought every single process ourselves, not simply copied it from somebody else.
Years of Experience
This is not a little! During this time we managed to create an excellent team, organize our work and exclude all possible mistakes.
Satisfied Patients
Thanks to dental tourism in Moldova organized by TravelToDentist, thousands of patients around the world smile more often.
Spoken Languages
Speak your language and be sure both you and the dentist understands everything.
Star reviews
We have great reviews on Facebook, Google and other platforms. Feel free to check them and convince yourself before deciding.

More than just a Clinic

Unlike most Moldovan clinics that only provide dental services, we specialize in dental tourism. We know that a person traveling for dental care abroad has much more needs compared to a local patient. That’s why we have developed the most rich infrastructure and additional services in order to cover all those needs.

Dental clinic

In-house digital dental laboratory

24/7 Assistance Center


Multilingual Support

Airport Transfers

Free Time Organization

See us in action

Watch the video: «Dental tourism through the eyes of a patient»

Only The Best Technology and Equipment

We do not save on equipment, tools and materials because it directly influences the quality and durability of the treatments. (We really don’t want to see you too often in our clinic)
The use of microscope in our dental clinic in Chisinau, Moldova

Dental Microscope - for better Visibility and Results

As Dr Syngcuk Kim said «You can only treat what you see».

We are proud to use in our practice the Opmi Pico Mora Microscope from the best manufacturer Carl Zeiss. With it’s use even the smallest details become visible.

As a result we can save the teeth which otherwise would be extracted. We can also exclude all imperfections and make sure you get perfectly fitting and looking crowns, bridges and veneers.

3D Dental computed tomography in Chisinau -

CBCT scanner - 3D tomography for safe implants

Vatech PaX-i3D SMART – is a premium choice for implantology. With its help, our surgeons implantologists accurately determine the quantity and quality of the bone and select suitable implants. Thus, we exclude nerve damage in the lower jaw, and avoid perforation of the sinus membrane on the upper one.

Another advantage of this scanner is the possibility to obtain with one scan not just a CT image but also an Auto Pano image. This means, patients who require both images do not need to undergo two X-ray scans.

intraoral scanner - for digital 3D impressions

Intraoral scanner - for digital impressions of your future crowns

We use the best INTRAORAL SCANNER in dentistry 3 Shape TRIOS to obtain more precise digital impression and very useful in the case of patients with a vomiting reflex.
Fresadora para circonio, PMMA, cera en nuestro laboratorio dental Moldavia

Dental CAD/CAM milling machine - for perfect crowns & bridges

The Roland DWX-51D Milling Machine was built for precision, error-free milling. We use it to produce high-quality bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays, abutments and other restorations which will last.

Impresora 3D en nuestro laboratorio dental Moldavia

3D printer - For quality, precision and speed

Formlabs SLA 3D printers revolutionized dental 3D printing, bringing reliability, high quality, and ease of use to the technology. We use it widely in our lab to produce precise temporary crowns, dental models, surgical guides for dental implants and much more.
Sleep dentistry in Moldova. General Anesthesia machine in our dental clinic

Anesthesia Machine - No more fear of the dentist

For many patients general anesthesia is the only way to solve dental problems. This can be a panic fear of the dentist, as well as complex surgical interventions, such as zygomatic implants.

Our Maquet Flow-I machine, not only puts a person to sleep, but is also gentile on the lungs and minimizes the risk of complications.

Better Equipment. Better results.


The Best Dentists and Surgeons will work on your smile

Our team is composed of almost 40 highly skilled and experienced specialists, including dentists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, dental technicians, dental assistants, translators, drivers and managers. All of them are indispensable to make you smile more often during your stay in Moldova and after you finish the treatment. Let’s meet some of them:
Dr. Radu Nicolai (Nicolae)

Dr. Nicolai Radu

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, implant dentist,
Specializes in zygomatic dental implants, bone grafts, implant rehabilitation in severe atrophies
Dr. Malai Alexandr

Dr. Alexandr Malai

Specializes in prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry,
Microscopic dentistry and digital solutions
Eugen Sâli

Dr. Eugen Sali

Implant dentist, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon,
Specializes in dental implant treatments, bone grafts, periodontology
Eugen Zaicov (Zaikov Evgheni) - Dentista Pronósticos Clínica Punto Bianco Chisinău, Moldavia

Dr. Eugen Zaicov

10+ years experience
Specializes in prosthetic dentistry, total oral rehabilitation, aesthetic dentistry
Dr. Anastasia Strungaru - Dentist in Moldova, Chisinau

Dr. Anastasia Strungaru

8+ years experience,
Specializes in Endodontics & Therapy, Microscopic dentistry
Ion Vascăuțan (Dr. Nellu)

Dr. Nelu Vascautan

6+ years experience
Specializes in Therapy and Endodontics
Iurie Bazeliuc

Dr. Iurie Bazeliuc

30+ years experience
Specializes in General anesthesia in dentistry, Conscious sedation, Sleep dentistry
Larisa Obrazenco

Mrs. Larisa Obrazenco

Senior nurse,
10+ years experience

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