Moldavian dentists are reducing prices. Why, since when and how can you benefit from the offer?

reduced prices on dental implants, zirconium crown, sinus lifting. contact information dentist in MoldovaOn 1 April we posted on our website reduced prices for most of the treatments provided in our dental clinic in Moldova. Even if we did it on the April Fools’ Day, you should know that it is not a joke. Our guests from abroad really have the possibilities to treat their teeth in Chisinau paying less money than before.
You can see the difference between the prices for some treatments (implants, dental crowns, sinus lifting) in the image of this article. Other treatments, at standard and reduced prices, you can find on the page: Dental Prices Moldova.

In this article, instead, we would like to talk more about the offer.

Why do we call it an offer and how long it will last?

We can’t ensure that these prices will remain unchanged for a long time, for this reason we preferred to present them not as a definitive change but as an open term offer. What does this mean? It means that over a month, two, three, one year… we could drop the discount prices and go back exclusively to Standard prices or completely change them.
However we would like to mention that we are correct and ‘’we don’t change the rules in the middle of the game’’. This is why we will keep the prices on offer for all the patients that will accept the cost estimate and will inform us about their intention to begin the dental treatment in Moldova.

Are there any requirements for benefiting from reduced prices for dental treatment in Moldova?

As with any other offer, those who want to benefit from the offer (that means fix your teeth at lower prices) will be kindly asked to meet some simple and achievable conditions. For example one of the conditions is to share this article on social networks (at least one). Therefore, if you plan to fix your teeth in Moldova we encourage you to share it right now and you will get it off your chest. 🙂 .
You will find out the other conditions once you contact us with a request for a quote.

Why do we lower our prices?

  • We are in love with smiles. This offer will allow us to see more often smiles in our dental clinic.
  • We love famous brands and last generation materials. Thanks to this offer you will also fall in love with them (you will afford more aesthetic dental treatment such as full ceramic and zirconia crowns, or you can chose a more famous brand of dental implants).

Will the quality of the materials or the level of service change?

You will be pleasantly surprised that despite of the lower prices, the quality of dental services and our level of service remained the same, in fact, we added some free services to make your stay in Moldova even more pleasant.

Can we still benefit from free accommodation?

All our guests can benefit from free accommodation, including people who will get the treatment at discounted prices. Details on the page Free Accommodation.

Once again, follow the steps below to fix your teeth in Moldova at reduced prices:

  1. Share this article on one or more social networks
  2. Fill out the online form or send us an email to with the subject “request for a dental cost estimate”. Attach in the email your x-ray, or at least describe us your dental problem and do not forget to leave us your phone number.
  3. You will be contacted by our representative on the phone who will explain you the other mandatory conditions in order to benefit from treatment in offer.
  4. Come in Moldova, receive quality treatment and spend the saved money on other things, more pleasant than dental visits.

Have a wonderful day! See you in Moldova!

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