Leisure Time on Dental Trip to Moldova

Though Moldova is a small country, there are a lot of things to do in free time here. Local people are very hardworking, but they also know how to have fun and rest beautifully. You will be pleasantly surprised and will never forget our customs, national and family holidays, in a word Moldavian traditions. And of course, You will definitely love our food and welcoming people.

While some people prefer to rest during their dental week, others choose to spend their leisure time in a more active way. We are sure everybody will find in Moldova something that will suit their preferences.

Rivers, caves

Moldavian rivers are generally small but the largest among them are: Nistru, Prut, Raut, Bic, Botna, Cogilnic, Ialpug.

Rivers and caves in Moldova

The most famous Moldavian caves are: “Emil Racovita” Cave and Bekir Cave.


The antique fortresses of Moldova are very beautiful places where our forefathers fought during the wars.

fortresses in Moldova

One of the most well known forts is Soroca fortress established by Moldavian Prince Stephen the Great (Romanian: Stefan cel Mare) in 15th century, on the bank of the river Nistru.


The beautiful churches and the old monasteries of Moldova represent tourist attractions. Tourists could also make pilgrimages to various monasteries such as: Saharna, Capriana, Hincu, Curchi, Cosauti, Tipova.

monasteries and churches in Moldova


The capital of Moldova offers tourists the chance to visit the National Museum of History, National Museum of Art, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Science Academy, and Museum of History (Water Tower of Chisinau).

museums in the capital of Moldova


Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is also called “The White City washed by green seas” this is due to many white buildings and parks and forests surrounding them. You, as a dental tourist, will have the chance to walk outdoors, discover the natural beauties of our country. The most famous parks are: Dendrarium, Botanic park, Dalina Roz, Zoo Park, Adventure Park where you can relax and have fun.

Green parks of chisinau


Wine cellars:

Moldavian wine is known in the entire world for its special aroma and refined taste. Cricova, one of the most famous Moldavian winery, is considered the pearl of Moldavian wine thanks to its striking collection of local wines, rare wines and tasting halls. The grape variety provided by Cricova awakes the imagination of tourists and makes them happy. Cricova winery has always been and will remain the best producer of remarkable wines.

Wine cellars in Moldova

Another important “underground wine city” is Milestii Mici that is considered the largest winery in the world.
This cellar complex represents the treasure of Republic of Moldova and boasts a remarkable collection of different types of wine, known worldwide. It was registered in the Guinness World Records as the biggest collection of wine in Europe.


Meanwhile Moldavian citizens eat pizza, sushi or crepes, tourists coming to Moldova prefer our traditional food such as cakes, mamaliga or sarmale. You could taste traditional food in the following restaurants: Acasa la Mama”, “La Taifas”, “La Botului Calului”,  “La Crisma” and in many others that provide many traditional dishes of our country.

the restaurants in Chisinau

Shopping centers

During your dental vacation you could also go for a walk in the numerous shopping centers that have also cinema, bowling, restaurants, casino etc.

The biggest ones are: Shopping Mall Dova, Sun City, Elat, Jumbo, Grand Hall, Megapolis Mall and many others.

the biggest Shopping centters of Chisinau


Moldavian actors are popular individuals performing works and songs in different foreign languages.

If you are a theater lover you should visit the National Theater of Opera and Ballet, National Theater “Mihai Eminescu”, the Theater “Eugene Ionesco” and many others.

Theatres Chisinau

Casino and Clubs

You could have a good time in the several casinos of Chisinau: Napoleon, Royal, Cosmos etc. or in the nightclubs: City, Club Rai, Cocos Prive, Famous, Gossip Lounge Club, Krysha, Studio, Taboo Club, Drive.

clubs and casino in Chisinau

Beauty salons and SPA

Another way of spending your leisure time is getting some beauty treatments: care of your body, rejuvenation procedures or cosmetic services. You can benefit from these treatments in many salons: Medazur Med Spa, Sancos, Pro Estetic, Olsi Spa, A-Studio, Laboratorul Frumusetii etc.

Karaoke, pubs

If you love singing, having fun and relaxing in an active way you could spend your free time in pubs or coffee bars: Fun Café, Cheese Café, Godzilla, Art-Club Karaoke etc.

Markets and gift & souvenir shops

Moldova such as other touristic cities provides a wide range of gift shops and street markets where tourists may buy traditional souvenirs as a keepsake of their dental travel in Chisinau.

Markets and gift & souvenir shops Chisinau

Rural tourism – this is a combination of tourism and manual work in the agricultural sector. If you are in Moldova for dental treatments and you want to escape from daily routine, rural tourism will make you feel morally satisfied and physically tired. You will achieve new feelings and a useful experience. You may visit these places: Orheiul Vechi, Trebujeni, Hirtipul Mare, Raciula etc.

rural tourism Moldova

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