Free accommodation during dental treatment in Moldova

free accommodation in moldova during dental careThe Care Centre “TravelToDentist” recompenses your sufferings by offering you free accommodation* during dental treatment in Moldova

We know how difficult is to live without teeth and how frightening dental visits are for some people.

That’s why we recompense your sufferings with free accommodation when you decide to subject yourself to a treatment.

Who can benefit from free accommodation?

* Now almost every foreign patient, who wants to get his teeth fixed in Moldova, could benefit from a symbolic reward: a certain number of days of free accommodation depending on the total cost of the treatment.

How many days of free accommodation will you receive?

The treatment is different for each patient and may be more or less expensive. Respectively the number of days of free accommodation changes from one person to another: 2, 3, 5, 10 days…etc. But, taking into consideration that people who decide to get their teeth fixed abroad (for example in Moldova) need complex procedures like bone reconstruction and dental implants to replace a big amount of teeth, many patients have the possibility to receive free accommodation for the entire vacation in Moldavia. Wondering how many days will You receive? Don’t guess, request a personalized quote now.

Is it a hotel or apartment?

The accommodation proposed in the offer is either a studio flat (bedroom and kitchen combined) or a one-room apartment (only bedroom) with separate kitchen. All our apartments are located in Chisinau city center (5-10 minutes’ walk from the clinic). You won’t spend your money on taxi going to the clinic, around or to the restaurants etc. The apartments are provided with double bed, sheets, clean towels and kitchenware. The flats are prepared especially for foreign guests: satellite TV, Internet and WIFI connection, electrical adapters and coffee percolators.

How much does the apartment cost if you don’t have enough free days?

The apartments that we offer cost 30 euro per day. If you are interested in one of them, you will pay in accordance with this formula:

(the total number of days required for the treatment – the number of free days) × 30 euro per day

If you want to stay in a hotel, in a luxury apartment with more rooms or in a hostel, you can inform us and we will do all the necessary bookings. Therefore you will pay only the difference.

Here you can see all the possibilities of accommodation in Moldova offered by us.