Our dental clinic in Moldova Chisinau

Dentist therapist, his assistant and a patient in a dental office of VivodentIt is natural that everyone is looking for the best dental clinic and a good dentist that will provide affordable and high quality dental care. Actually theese words could be the definition of dental tourism, and our dental clinic is ideal for this purpose. Why we tell this? Analyse closely:

Remarkable experience in dentistry

The Dental clinic was founded in 1989 and now is well-known by every inhabitant of Chisinau, many Moldavian and Europeans citizens that choose our country for the affordable and high quality dental treatments we offer.

Vivodent Dental Clinic is a two-story building, which is located in the center of the capital of MoldovaToday it is one of the most remarkable dental clinics of Chisinau – a professional team who are always in continuous training attending courses and conventions and using the latest researches and treatment methods. The staff of our dental clinic also participates in Moldavian and international refresher courses. We have always improved our competences in order to provide our patients professional and high quality services. Thanks to the latest technologies our patients get excellent results at the end.

In-house dental laboratory

The first private laboratory in Republic of MoldovaOur “in house dental lab” is the first private laboratory in Republic of Moldova and has an experience of more than 20 years.

The availability of our own lab has some advantages:

–       Direct control by the dentist who does the treatment;

–       Short time for the realization of dental prosthesis and crowns;

–       Immediate adjustments and corrections during the treatment.

Our laboratory, thanks to modern equipment and competent technicians, successfully supplies many other clinics and centers of Moldova and other countries.

We import and supply dental instruments and materials

We have to mention that we are one of the biggest importers and suppliers of dental equipments, tools and materials in Republic of Moldova. This ensures high quality services and permanent availability of materials that guarantee a fast production time.

We pay great attention to hygiene and cleanness

Sterilization of instruments in dental clinic VivodentThe clinic is partner of “anti-AIDS” and “anti-hepatitis” programs. So we take great pride to ensure you the highest standards of hygiene and cleanness. In addition we use pasteurized instruments that eliminate the possibility of viral infection.

High quality services

Our dental centre provides the latest dental services of the highest quality: therapy, surgery, implantology, oral hygiene, prosthesis and diagnostic radiologist.

If you’re really worried about the health state of your teeth, make the right decision and choose the Care Centre “TravelToDentist”. We will provide you the best dental treatment and a new, brighter smile!