Clinical cases. Before and After

new zirconium teeth, both jaws

Zirconium teeth

reconstruction of the broken teeth and dental metal-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns over natural teeth

esthetic improvement of the upper teeth with metal-porcelain teeth

Metal-ceramic bridge, upper jaw

metal-ceramic circular bridge over 8 implants upper jaw

Dental implants, metal-ceramic crowns

total mouth rehabilitation with dental implants

Fixed bridge over dental implants

temporary metal-acrylic bridge with support on the remaining teeth

Temporary bridge

white and beautiful teeth, after the zirconium-ceramic crowns

Zirconium crowns over natural teeth

replacement of the old amalgam filling with a white filling

Reconstruction of the molar tooth with White filling

encapsulation of the front teeth with zirconium crowns

Single-unit zirconium crowns

These are just some of the clinical cases of dental treatments performed in our clinic in Chisinau and the results are seen very well in the before and after pictures. Many other interventions such as sinus lift, bone block graft, dental fillings or even replacement of the teeth with crowns or bridges in the back of the mouth are difficult to illustrate by photos.

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